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Hello all. I’m new to the owners club and am looking for a bit of general guidance. I’ve wanted a 5 for many years but, up until now, haven’t been in a position to do anything about it. Now I can fulfill my dream I’m trying not to get it wrong! I’m looking to buy a hardtop, probably between 2011 and 2013 with a mileage of below 30000. I’ve seen a few advertised but my main concern is rust. At that age and mileage where, if anywhere, am I likely to find the dreaded tin worm? If I get a car that is rust free what is the best underbody protection/underseal etc to use? Any advise you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

Worth having a read of this:

Welcome. I’m a recent first time owner and here is my experience. They’re very hard to find with no rust at all, I spent a couple of months looking around and viewing various cars. Once you’ve had a look at some you can get a better idea of realistic expectations. The guides on here are very helpful, don’t be too put off by surface rust on subframe and arms etc as long as it doesn’t appear to go deeper. Check the usual areas in the guides, water ingress evidence inside the car and brakes because most I saw had been sat for long periods and built up quite a lot of rust.

As an example, this car was up for 11k on a 12 plate. On the surface it looked absolutely immaculate. This was underneath. I didn’t buy it.

Happy hunting.

Thank you MX2000 and Dean_S550. The MK3 Buyers Guide is a great thing. I’ve printed it off and will have it with me when I go car shopping!

That’s very low mileage for a 10+ year old car, even one that might have been a weekend toy. My 2016 ND has more miles on it than that and is one of three cars in my household. If I were you I would allow a higher mileage but focus more on service history, preventative maintenance, and how rust has been addressed or protected against. At that age I’d rather buy a 50 - 60k mile car that’s had no expense spared on maintenance than a 25k miler that’s sat a lot.

There was a great looking silver nc sport up for sale on here a while ago, mileage wasn’t very high and it had all the mazda speed bits on it. Not sure if it sold or not. Was a soft top though.

Thanks MikeyC. I totally agree about it being better to have a higher mileage with a good service history. One of my first questions when I buy a car or bike is about the service history. I’m definitely after a hardtop but thanks for the info Dean_S550.

Rodders had one for sale :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

Welcome MCP :handshake:

Sound advice so far :+1:

You’ve waited this long and now you are in position…DON’T RUSH !

Research is Key
Flexible Thinking and Compromise

After this you’ll know him/her when you see him/her

It’ll say ‘Hi Dad/Mum’ here I am !!

Good Hunting

Thank you Bullit2005, that made me laugh! Seriously, I agree with you as far as research, flexibility, compromise and patience goes. I’m doing plenty of research and a lot of it is coming from this owners club which I have found to be extremely helpful. As for patience, my partner regularly accuses me of taking too long to decide but, as you rightly said, I’ve waited this long,I’m not going to rush now!

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I bought a 2012 soft top last year for just a shade under £10k from a main dealer. It had 22,000 miles on the clock and a full service history. There was not a hint of rust anywhere as far as I could tell, although I didn’t have it inspected thoroughly by a specialist, so there could have been some lurking hidden. Anyway, there are some really good cars out there but you might have to budget accordingly. Unfortunately, I had to sell my car to raise some cash and ended up selling it for way less than I paid. I’m currently in the process of buying a restored Arizona (mark 2.5).

Hello Maya. I’ve found some good cars at main dealers. You pay more but, sometimes, you get more! At least with most dealers you get a warranty of sorts. Hope you enjoy your new car!

Hi again MCP

‘Warranty of Sorts’

Got Bullit [NB 2.5 Icon] in March 2007 from Car Craft Leeds. Paid £10,795 plus £495 for Warranty

Duh…Stupid me didn’t check the small print of the ‘warranty’ ‘Mazda approved garage’ and where I moved to was loads of miles away from one at the time so the warranty was a waste of money

Caveat Emptor as they say :roll_eyes:

Don’t think you need to be too worried. My NC is 17 years old; no body rust and no problems underneath. Was waxoiled 13 years ago and I’m having it touched up by specialists this week for £200.00
Steve S

Hello Steve S. Marvellous stuff, Waxoyl. I’ve done several cars with it and it’s always proved successful. When I eventually get a 5 it’s one of the first things I will do. A local specialist charges £475 and he’s worth every penny. All the old stuff is stripped off, any rust removed or treated, the car is left in a warm garage for three or four days to dry out thoroughly and then the coatings are applied.

Had it properly checked and the previous wax oil had lasted well. A couple of areas needed rubbing down and redoing. So after years, no rust which is good news. Steve

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Hi best find one thats been undersealed from new my Niseko had been this protects the body underneath sills etc. but doesn’t stop the moving parts from rusting but these are easy enough to clean and paint good luck

Hello JD11. From one new user to another, welcome! I’m being very careful when I view cars and dive underneath for a good look. Surprising how few have been undersealed/treated. For the protection that the right treatment gives it’s not a lot of money.

No not a-lot of money! depending what you’re budget is when you’re buy a new car, as all the little extras seem really good then your spending way over budget.
Good luck hope you get what you’re looking for👍

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