Purchase of nd query

Hi all , thinking of an nd , Is it fair to say that when the nd2 came along ( when was it launched ) that previous issues of , roof fabric and hoops rubbing, gear box particularly 2 litre , window regulators and rear suspension issues where sorted ? Is t
he main difference between the nd and nd2the steering adj and the rear camera ? Thanks

In order, no, sort of, no and no.

ND2 had more power and wired applecarplay/androiddhemeroid amongs other small mods.

The rear camera was not standard either. Once you find a car look up the brochure for that specific model. Happy huntng.


Yes, for the most part none of the issues have been addressed. The main difference between ND1 and ND2 is the engine, the ND2 engine is more free revving with more power but less torque.

Less torque?

Yes, Mazda reduced the torque delivery of the engine (along with other changes) in a bid to avoid gearbox failures.

Peak torque is actually higher on the ND2… Just comes in later than than it did on the ND1 so the ND1 feels more grunty out of bends… One of the many “plasters” Mazda put on the ND2 to protect gearbox’s lol

To my mind the 1.5 ND2 is probably the ‘safest’ one to go for if you want to minimise risk of gearbox failures.

I never experienced any issues with gearboxes on my 1.5 & 2.0 ND1s, my 1.5 ND2 still had the hoop rubbing issue and had the screen delamination. Note to anyone having the screen delamination fix take a photo and video your dashboard before you take it in. Mine was damaged when they removed it clearly using a screwdriver to lever it off rather that the proper tool.

My 2021 ND still had the hoop rubbing problem. Lucky I learnt about it on about day 3 of having the car. Since then the roof has always been open form out side the car.

Rubbing has never been an issue since. Albeit the leading edge of the roof was very close to the hoop.

I feel over time the gap has increased. It is mentioned in another post about the roof being “trained” by following the correct proceed in the manual.

Does anyone actually have any first hand experience of gearbox failure? I know Rodders has chomped through a few in his racing cars but for the typical driver in a road car is it actually an issue? It’s not a problem for me because I’ve got an auto and I am very happy with it :blush:.

The biggest change in ND2 is the engine.

Mazda originally intended only to make the 1.5. So they massively improved the 1.5 Mazda 2 engine with lightening, balancing, strengthening, different materials etc.

Then the American dealers insisted on having the 2 litre engine from the Mazda 3 which was thrown in late in the development of the car and with no improvements except for the exhaust manifold.

ND2 2 litre is therefore a big improvement on ND1 2 litre.

If only the Americans had insisted on the 2.5 litre Mazda 3 engine. With the LPT from the CX9.

By the way, this is not to knock the 1.5. It’s an excellent engine.

The compression ratio of the 1.5 P5 & the 2.0 PE engines for the ND was changed from 14:1 to 13:1.

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