Purchased a 2007 2.0i sport

I am a little confused as a newbie owner.

Is my MX5 2007 2.0i Sport, a Mk3 and if so how is that determined.

I was informed, in a previous enquiry that the model I have has a timing chain rather than a belt, but looking at the front of the engine I can see two belts.

Hence my confusion, please can anyone clear this up.

Thank you. 

These are belts to drive the water pump, alternator, steering pump air con etc nothing to do with a cam belt. You engine has a timing chain


In this link it is the thing that looks like a bicycle chain that drives the cams. On MK 1 and 2’s it was rubber but not in yours

It’s a Mk3 (otherwise known as NC1) - UK model years 2005 to 2008 I believe followed by the Mk 3.5 (NC2) & Mk3.75 (NC3) which was then replaced in 2015 by the Mk4 (ND).


Welcome, & hope that you enjoy the car!


Thank you for your comprehensive reply, made things very clear. I am certainly enjoying the car, drives so well and corners like on rails, has that solid quality feel about it,

a delighted new owner.



Thank you very much for your reply and the link, very helpful.


This site is a mine of information…

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