Quiz for Saturday #1


Back in the day when I was an AC & Meet Organiser I used to do a quiz every other month. Sadly, due to some pretty major data loses, most of the quizzes (and even more of the answers) have been lost. But I still have a few, and I thought I might post them here for your amusement and/or irritation.

The first one I don’t have the answers for but we can discuss them here, I thought. Despite what Robbie said, they were only ever for fun anyway… :wink:

(Clicking on the image shows it bigger, it only embeds at this size.)


Thank you. That will keep us amused for a few hours.

1: Xedos 6 (CA?)
2: Mazda 5 (CW)
3: 323
4: Mazda 3 (BK)
5: Mazda 6 (GG)
6: 121 (DB)
7: MX-6 (GE)
8: E Series
9: Cosmo Sport 110S
10: 121 (ZQ)
11: B Series
12: Some weird race car thingy
13: Mazda 2 (DJ)
14: CX-5 (KE)
15: Bongo Friendee
16: RX-8 (SE)
17: Xedos 9 (TA?)
18: MX-5 (NA)
19: 787B
20: RX-7

Thanks Karl, need to research a couple of them…

I always enjoy your quizzes, they’re always good fun.

12: When I was a kid I had a Matchbox (or maybe HotWheels) car called a “Mazda RX-500”. Never knew if it was based on anything real. It was a vivid '70s orange, as I recall, and looked really cool, like something from outer space. I reckon that’s it.

Have a look at this bit of Goodwood for some more fleeting tastes of it

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No Mondeos Robbie?

That was never a Mondeo…

It’s a shame that that’s one of the quizzes that went missing… :frowning:


Yup! All correct Robbie. And #12 was a RX-500 - well done to those who got that. :slight_smile:

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Nuts please Karl!

I’ll buy you a packet after lockdown! :smiley:

Concepts that time forgot - on the Top Gear website today: Mazda RX-500


Thanks for the link but OMG what is it with websites these days?

An 8 ‘page’ article that’s only 1 photo and 1 sentence per page, and all the rest is adverts, adverts, adverts. And the pictures won’t load. And the page spends forever jumping around as various bits I don’t want load up, and the page reformats itself to shoehorn in ever more clutter. I know my laptop is long in the tooth but the fan is going like the clappers as it strains to run all the animation and unwanted video crap that isn’t even on screen. I know advertising pays for content but this incoherent mess drives people to install adblockers.

Loaded up the pics at the third attempt. Nice. Never seen its engine covers open like that; the Matchbox toy one I had all those years ago had a cover that hinged at the front. Maybe a compromise over what was practical to make a simple toy do.

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Agree with you here Martin, there are so many links that I just can’t be arsed to click on due to the reasons you’ve cited.

…edit, actually that one wasn’t too bad on iPad but I hadn’t clicked on it previously for your reasons.

I use Opera browser (which blocks loads of nonsense by default) and the uBlock Origin extension. Get none of the adverts, animations etc. Even if you want to stay with Chrome an extension like uBlock (there are other adblock extensions but I like this one because it’s unobstrusive & effective) is essential, although you can’t install it on mobile devices. That’s why I use Opera generally.

This is what I see - a complete undoctored screenshot. No ads, no promoted content:

I agree with @Martin_Young too, even with ad-blockers and the like some sites user more of the page for links than the actual article, this one case in point:


  • Whole Page = Screenshot Area
  • Content Area = Outer Rectangle
  • Article Area = Inner Rectangle

Compared to the Whole Page:

  • Content Area = 69%
  • Article Area = 20%

Compared to the Content Area:

  • Article Area = 29%

Sites now seem to spend more time trying to redirect you than actually show you the content you came for.
I much prefer the layout of Speedhunters, for example, where all the content is on a single page that you scroll through and then there are some related links at the end.

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For mobile devices you can use a browser with adblocking built in, such as Adblock Browser or Firefox Focus. They don’t need add-ons to do the job.

You can, but they don’t sync with my desktop browser and that’s important for me. Opera for Android has adblock built in - I was referring to the desktop version needing the uBlock extension.

I have about seven or eight browsers on my desktop and four or five on my mobile that I use for different accounts and for testing sites. And I regularly download and play with other browsers just to see if they’re doing anything I like better than what I have. (Exciting life eh?!) I used Yandex browser for a couple of years until about six months ago when Opera’s speed & adblocking overtook Yandex’s. I quite like Brave (adblock built in on mobile & desktop) & Vivaldi (adblock built in mobile only) which both sync with the desktop version, but there are features they don’t have that I like with Opera. Even Edge for Android is quite good!

I do have the ability to be more interesting than this at times. Honest! :smiley:

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Agreed. But at least without things flashing at you it’s easier. It’s how they make their money, and why Facebook, Twitter etc. are such a mess of irrelevant content. I’m use Twitter a lot, but I almost exclusively use it via Tweetdeck now on my PC, and via third-party apps on my phone, for the reasons you mention - there’s more screen space used showing me people, topics, trends etc. that I could be following that the content I actually want to see!

Can’t do a lot about that, but if the adverts are gone it’s a start.