Quiz for Saturday #2


OK so it’s Friday evening… But I’m sat here now and might not be tomorrow morning, so I’m going 12 hours early!

Here’s another quiz for your amusement and/or irritation, and I have the answers for this one if we need them. (Automatic disqualification from the Olympics if you use an online anagram solver!)

Have fun!

Again, clicking on the image enlarges it. :slight_smile:


1: Rolls Royce
2: Alfa Romeo
3: Tesla
4: Skoda
5: Lamborghini
6: Aston Martin
7: Toyota
8: Ssangyong
9: Honda
10: Maserati
11: SEAT
12: Fiat
13: Mitsubishi
14: Citroen
15: Lotus
16: Volkswagen
17: Land Rover
18: Peugeot
19: Renault
20: Bentley

I did this over a beer Karl, do I get a packet of peanuts?

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Nope! A bar of chocolate… :wink:

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Good test.
I whizzed through it bar two. I was beaten by Tesla and SSangyong, but then I never think of those…

Why would I want that with beer?

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Again, all correct. As I recall @RichardFX it was Tesla & Ssangyong that stumped people at the Meet the first time I used this. :slight_smile:

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And more nuts please!

After The Event I tell you! :laughing: