Quiz time! MX-5 limited edition cars

The following photos are all limited edition cars- how many can you name?

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Bonus points if you can guess my top 3 :wink:

Have fun

Teri :slight_smile:

disclaimer all of these photos are from google, apologies (or well done) if one of these cars is yours!!

Not going to spoil it for others, as I think I have most of the brochures for those

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You missed out the best one !


I’ve got the brochure too, But I can’t find it :slightly_frowning_face:

Lovely picture :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My favourite from the list is no.10, the perfect colour (amongst other things.)

But the prime reason we have our own limited edition, not on the list, is the unique icy blue colour requested by SWMBO. And I cannot argue with her on this one. Here it is at the Hanworth Festival 30/6/2019.

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Very nice :+1:t3: And next to one of my favourites

Is no one going for the answers?

Here’s my guess.

1: Le Mans
2: California
3: Gleneagles
4: Monza
5: Icon
6: Angels
7: Trilogy
8: Nevada
9: Kendo?
10: Sport Black
11: Sport Graphite
12: Kuro?
13: Arctic
14: 30th Anniversary
15: Recaro Sport?

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So close… All right apart from number 12 :wink:

You’ve got me on number 12 then, I’ve cheated now and still can’t think what it is… I’m wondering Miyako but I think it’s too late for that and I don’t think that had the graphics…

I’m going to go for the bonus points now…
Numbers 2, 10 & 14 :wink:

I think No12 is the Sport Tech Recaro edition. The graphic gives it away. Doesn’t stretch round to the front fog lights.

Nope, sorry…

:rofl: 1/3 isn’t bad… I’ll PM number 12… not giving it away just yet…

well, I’m going to go with the 203hp Jota GT. They didn’t sell many in the UK so Mazda released them without the Supergharger upgrades and called them the Sport Tech Recaro Edition. The difference in your picture is the colour of the decal. Jotas had black decal and Recaro editions were red decals

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Well done :+1:t3:

I have one of the few White versions of this editiion so got all excited when I saw your picture. I definetly need to get out more often.

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Nice work Delpel.

MK3.75 Sport Tech Recaro:- my favourite, then I would say that because I have one,
fortunately without decals of any colour. Regretfully without the rear centre section
exhaust exit found on the Jota GT
I bought it October 2018 from Paul Roddison (Rodders)

Jota GT had throttle bodies

Number 15 is a Sport Recaro rather than a Recaro Sport.