"Snagging list" sticky?

Would it be useful to start a “snagging list” either in the Site Suggestions or the Bug Reports forums, just so people can see which topics are on the list to be addressed? 

I was thinking of just a single (locked?) message with a brief description of each issue and maybe a few words on progress or likelihood of a resolution.

 Martin thats a great idea. Definately a locked message so people can’t keep moaning about it, I’m sure martin (mod) knows about all the main issues to put in the list, any others I’m sure he’ll pick up on it pretty quick. I’d like to know how they are getting on with certain things.

I already have my own list but good idea to do here as well, I can compare notes.  We have stuff all over the forum now, and its hard to keep track of them, so bung them all in here please but if you of you can kindly edit a single post to put them all in, fantastic.

Also see my sticky about FAQs above, although I may be able to add a whole bunch of help stuff very shortly that I have had made avaiable to me, which will explain loads…


The real name thing obviously

  • Should be forced to chose a username on sign up

  • Real name should not appear at the bottom of the screen

  • People shouldn’t be able to change their username

  • People shouldn’t be alowed the same username as someone else

  • Married couples should be allowed 2 usernames
    - Should this not be Joint Membership be allowed 2 usernames? (Roadster Robbie)

There reply button should also appear at the bottom of the page

There should be a general reply to thread button as opposed to the one at the top of the last post which enables you to quote.


Martin, why not add your replies to peoples points by editing in a deferent colour?


Another funny thing, when you clikc on the thread rating to see who has said what the real name of the person comes up instead of their screen name.


And another thing again! When you clikc on a section would it be possible to have both the name of the thread originator and the last poster in the list.

Any updates on anything in the above list?
I’ve been gradually adding my gripes to it over the last couple of weeks

Well, I guess I’m running the risk of sounding a little like a stuck record, but this thread is asking us to post obvious snags, and to me there’s none more obvious than this one :
The “Posts you haven’t read” screen needs to be ‘intelligent’ enough to know which posts are new since a member last logged into the forum. It should be able to do this based on the forum server’s knowledge of a user’s last login time, and not through reliance on a cookie set on the user’s browser - this causes issues when a user moves from one computer to another for successive visits to the site.
 There should also be the ability for a user to be able, in the “Posts you haven’t read” view, to jump to the most recent unread post in a topic, rather than only the very first or very last post in a topic.

When I proposed a snagging list, what I was thinking of was a single sticky post from Martin with a list of “headline” problems and a quick word on progress.  I know he posted a similar list previously elsewhere, and I thought it ought to become a sticky here so that people could find out which bugs were fixed or were at least being addressed.  It would save people repeating themselves.