"Wotever the Wetherby" Sunday 16 November 2008

Who would have thought we would have had such great weather in mid November.  It was touch and go for a while but we managed to eke out 12 cars which is the minimum attendance for the past three years.

 I will post a link to the photo’s once they are uploaded.

YAAAAAYYY!![:D] We’re off and running. Great day out in some spectacular countryside! Tremendous!!!

Photos http://yrmx5oc.magix.net/ along with all the other Great Yorkshire events of the past.

Come on over everybody!!![;)] It’s the future…

I see you beat me to it, thanks for that.  Have you done the quiz?

Nearly 2 years since my one and only trip with you guys, you certainly seem to be enjoying life in Gods Own Country 

Just wanted to keep up the momentum. I don’t know enough of the answers, even though I am the subject of a few!!