Quoting previous messages

On the old forum, I could ‘quote’ another message by hitting the appropriate button. This would repeat the posting ‘quoted’, and I could type my answer underneath it, which was useful if I wanted to specifically answer a post from (say) half-a-dozen up the line. However, I cannot find this facility on the new forum format - or am I just still having problems getting my head around it ?

Hi Chris

You can still do this but a different method.
Click reply and then choose the leftmost icon which allows you to quote the post you are replying to.

Thank you for your help. Let’s see if I’ve done it right !

I’ve just discovered you can do multiple quotes as well by clicking Reply against a different post and then clicking the leftmost icon again e.g.

There’s hours of entertainment to be had with this new Forum. :grinning:

On a computer, you can also highlight some text and a “Quote” icon will appear. If you click on that…

Oh yes…