R-Sport ND

Had an email from Mazda today, trying to interest me in a new version ND…

You already know how pulses race when behind the wheel of Mazda MX-5, but the updated Mazda MX-5 R-Sport is even more exhilarating to drive. Stand out from the crowd with the Polymetal Grey Metallic Paint and Premium Grey convertible roof, accentuated with Piano Black wing mirrors. Mazda MX-5 R-Sport embodies the complete roadster experience and is the very essence of driving pleasure.

Open the doors of the Mazda MX-5 R-Sport and you’ll see the attention to detail you expect from a beautifully designed car. An interior crafted from soft Burgundy Nappa leather, complemented by silver stitching for a feeling of luxuriousness. Race inspired Gun Metallic alloy wheels will turn heads as you sit back in ultimate comfort, enjoying the thrill of top-down driving. Now all that’s left to do is turn up the sound on the premium Bose system, to enhance every journey.

So not only is it another grey car, but this time you get a grey roof as well!

It looks like it’s basically a Sport with some trim and wheel changes.

What happened to the interesting colours we used to get?

They are called grey. But hey, burgundy seats…

I saw a new MX-5 in a fantastic metallic grey at the dealers yesterday. Looked fabulous but it was priced at a smidge over £30k and this is a dealer that is usually very reasonably priced. I didn’t get get to have a proper look but that would have to be a special version and a half for me to open my wallet.

Premium grey underseal would have been a nice touch

This is the emissions penalty pricing coming into effect…

Wow, that’s brutal.

The R-Sport branding sounds like they are trying to make it sound like a high performance special.

If nothing else it makes me think of the higher performance Type R models from Honda.

That’s why it seems surprising to me that it is based on the 1.5.

“Higher performance Type R Honda’s”, I had a couple of those in my youth, well my 60’s, switched to more “sensible” cars, MX5’s, in my 70’s.


Saw this in today’s Daily Express
Best rated car I’ve seen in years!

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