Race Car Suspension Set Up Advise

Hello All 


As per the heading i am looking for advise regarding suspension settings for the new Mk1 1.8 i am building. I am racing here in Ireland in the futureclassics.eu championship. Previously raced a Rover 25 gti but i sold it a few weeks ago and bought the Mx5 as i have driven a few on track and they are loads of fun to drive. Looking for basic settings that i can work off. Car will be run on 14" or 15" Yokohama A050s.


Thanks Brian


16 days and not one response from a forum with over (cough) 7000 enthusiastic “members”.


Anyway old chap, assuming you have not quite given up the will to live and abandoned all hope in humanity, may I respectfully suggest you call AK Automotive Nr Newcastle as they race prep & compete some of the Cup Mk1s. At least, they ought to be able to put you in touch with a bod in the know. 

Another business would be W.I.M. who are renown laser setter-upperers of all things Mazda.  

Hey thanks for the reply I actually got a reply via PM there after I put it up pointing me in the direction they use as a base setup so not losing faith just yet. It seemed very tame to me but I’ll start there and see how I get on 




Cor blimey…you got…1 PM.


PS…my son brought home a bottle of Bushmills last month.

I may open it tonight an celebrate this.    

Yea ha ha you’d swear it was a secret society I race in Ireland too in a 1.8 mk1 so I doubt I’d ever get to race in a 1.6 mk1 race ???


All kidding apart, we are dedicated “Mk One-ers” but getting rarer as time passes.

Just the natural progession of “things”.

Take some comfort knowing while some 5 values drop quicker than a piano down a lift shaft solid/pristine/unmessed Mk1s are “overtaking” Mk3 & early (pov spec) Mk3.5 values!