Radio Interference

I’ve had interference on FM radio since I had the car. I’ve since upgraded to a Kenwood FM/DAB system. Now I’m getting interference on DAB.

Can anyone recommend an auto electrician? I presume it’s something under the bonnet?

Have you disconnected your USB chargers?

Poorly shielded USB chargers are notorious for causing interference on DAB and FM signals. This is somehow made worse when you arent sitting in a faraday cage

What type of aerial are you using with the DAB unit?

It’s one stuck on the inside of the windscreen, as fitted with the radio.

Does the interference only happen when the engine is running? What if you just have the ignition on but don’t start the engine?

I think the DAB interference is just poor signal but the FM interference is only when I back off the throttle. So the ignition doesn’t have any effect neither does driving under power.

In my (limited) experience the cause of bad DAB reception is often that the active aerial isn’t being sent any power by the radio. In most aftermarket radios it’s a setting buried in the menus. The user manual will know. Definitely worth a look.

It’s the sort of thing which seems like it ought to be on by default except there are versions of the DAB active aerial which have a separate power wire as an alternative option to sending power up the aerial lead itself.