Rally 22nd May - Starting /Opening Time/ Hop Farm Family Attraction Entry


The Rally on the 22nd May Starts at 10AM for members and non-members entry

Members will have the hanger in the next STHT this will allow free entry. Please note if you join after the STHT is sent out, do not worry, please bring your membership card with you and we will issue a hanger on the gate at entry.

Non members are very welcome at a charge of £5 per car entry to the rally, if you decide to join the MX-5 Owners Club on the day then the £5 will be refunded and entrance to the Hop Farm will then be discounted on membership joining, so come on all you non-members come along to the rally and hopefully we can persuade you to join us. Please note cash or cheque on the day please

Entrance to the Hop Farm will be at discounted price with wrist band and valid membership card see below update on this.

All MX-5/ Miata/Eunos owners are welcome

Thanks and Best Wishes

Sarah  (Mazda Chick) - Rally Co-Organiser and Coordinator and South East Joint Area Coordinator


 Looking forward to seeing you all at

10 AM sunday 22nd May


Sarah (Mazda Chick)

Any idea how much this is likely to be? Have searched the forums but can’t find the info. Thanks in advance.

 Hi Folks

The current pricing for entry into the Hop Farm Family Attraction park is

Main Season and School Holidays*<o:p></o:p>

 Gate Price                                    Half Price to Members of MX-5 Owners Club
 Adult  14.90                                                                              7.45
 Child (3-15 Yrs)  12.80                                                                              6.40
 Senior  8.70                                                                                4.35
 Family ( 2 + 2 )  47.50                                                                             
 Family ( 2 + 3 )  60.30

We are getting Half Price Entry with the wrist bands that will be handed to you on the gate for members of club. (Prices are published on the Hop Farm website for all to see http://www.thehopfarm.co.uk/visitor-info/opening-times-and-prices/

Entry to the MX-5 Spring Rally is free to members with Hangar or valid membership card and £5 per car for non-members, you do not have to visit the Hop Farm attraction this at your own choice and will not stop entry to the Spring Rally, however at these reduced prices the Hop Farm Family attraction is well worth a visit at these lowered prices so hope you will take time to visit and enjoy.

Hope this helps and see you soon



Many thanks! Thumbs up


Are the wrist-bands only available / valid for the Sunday (22nd)?

We are there for the weekend, so if Saturday entry, at reduced price is also available, that would be a bonus if we don’t fancy our chosen run.




 Hi Martin

The Half price entry is only valid for the Sunday 22nd May, the wrist bands are all packed up in the bags that will be handed out to you on the gate with programme and plaque.


Sarah (Mazda Chick)



Thanks for the reply, even though it is negative Sad

Looking forward to the weekend and meeting everyone. Looks like the weather is set fair…DOH! maybe that’s tempting fate too much.


 Looks like you might have tempted fate! Sunday’s weather isn’t looking as great as it did before! lets hope that the weather man has got it wrong and it be a really hot sunny day!!

Also Sarah just to double check, would i still get free entry without the flyer? I have my membership card and everything else, just my flyer seems to be missplaced (maybe bined by mistake! Embarassed)




 Hi Luke

Yes you can get in free with a valid membership card, however we are hoping that to speed the process up everyone needs to bring hangars if they have one from the last STHT issue.

Luke you will get issued with a hangar when you arrive we have a few spare.


Sarah (Mazda chick)