Rally Drives Sunday

Doing the drives on Sunday with the rest of the Oxford gang we saw only a handful of 5’s

spotted first one at the bottom of the Horseshoe pass (doing route in reverse ?) who didnt wave as we went past.

Not one MX already parked up at the Ponderosa Cafe

One MX5 joined the back of our convoy when we left the Cafe

next 2 were members of our Oxford group not doing the Evo drive. Great timing as they were stopped at one of the junctions as we went past,

Last 3 spotted were parked up at the top of the triangle.


Did You Do The EVO Drive ? 


We went up the pass on Sunday, I didn’t count the 5’s but there must have been at least 10 including us already there. There were 4 from North Thames, a group making their way back to Ireland, and others. I suspect that there were more through the day as 5’s were arriving and leaving in the short time we were there. We encountered a 5’s on route, but none convoy.

Were you part of the Oxford group staying at Alvaston Hall?


That would be Myself, Rooflessdriver and the Grot from West London/planetmx5

We passed many more and met up with a few others at Alvaston Hall (that was our group staying there along with Cotswold Melody and Suzybee)



I did the Sunday drive into Wales, there were a few '5’s at Ponderosa Cafe as we arrived there & just left before us. I did not see any others until on the B4407 but going the other way!

We had a great run - clear roads just about all the way until Ffestiniog. The Evo Triangle was a superb run - I’ve been on it a few times previously but always had traffic!

We decided to add a few miles on by going via the Llanberis Pass and up to Caernarfon, then on to Anglesey before heading back East and over the Pennies and home to Wakefield.

Cracking day’s driving and topless all the way until rain on the M62 at Birch Services :slight_smile:


Eastern Region On Tour are doing Ponderosa Café, Horseshoe pass and Evo today (Wednesday)

Anybody else? See you there.

Enjoy, CNW did the run week past Sunday in the pouring rain, hoods up all day. Today it is blue sky gloriously sunny.

thought it was you 


Thanks, we had a great day which included being followed by police motorcycles to Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre where Roadster Robbie was “arrested” 





No, our Oxford convoy started from Crewe.

The other Oxford area members we spotted on route were staying at Alvaston Hall.


and me, I also added the Llanberis Pass before stopping and walking up Snowdon.


Are they going to keep him must have been the hat he was wearing