Rally Entrance and Gala Dinner tickets.

Dinner Tickets.The hotel needs to know the final number 48 hours in advance, I’m closing the bookings on the Dinner Tickets as from today. I have sent  tickets out to everyone who requested them. The last two were posted today by 1st class post so they should arrive tomorrow…

Rally Entrance. It’s now too late to advance purchase by post as I will be leaving for Mallory on Friday morning. I’ll be at the Bosworth Hall Hotel from late Friday afternoon/ early evening onwards so you could always see me there if you want to buy the Rally wristbands in advance, otherwise you’ll have buy them at the gate. I

Raffle Stubs, If you have any raffle ticket stubs and payment, and you’ll be going to Mallory Park you can hand it to me there.

See you at Mallory.


I’ll pop in and see you Fri afternoon ~ be rude not to as I’m only a couple of miles away… I’ll get my wristband from you, and deliver ticket stubs & money.