Rally gift

Really don’t want to raise an issue but any one else had a problem fitting the lovely valve caps.

Tried to fit mine at the rally only to find one of the four would’nt screw on due to a poorly machined thread, so I swapped the set at the welcome desk.

Didn’t get time to try the new set till I got home but found exactly the same problem on the replacement set, 3 are ok 1 wont screw on. Contacted a friend who said his set was the same as well .

Wonder who else has had problems fitting, Shame really like them 

Hi there Colin001 I probably wont fit mine as I have MX5 branded ones so if you want my set let me know.  Should be able to mix and match so they all fit ok

Cheers thank you. 


PM me your address and I will pop it in the post

Mine all fit OK- Mk4 Icon.   

Mine fitted ok 

Mine all fit fine too.??

Does anyone know what material the valve caps are made from, i.e. aluminum / stainless steel ?

Hmm, good question. 

They are too heavy for Ali and a magnet did not pick up mine.  Some stainless is not magnetic, but then nor is plated brass.

Similar issue here with one cap not quite right. I gave it a squirt of WD40 and screwed it on and off a couple of times and it seems OK now and screws all the way down but it is a bit tighter than the others and I reckon I might need pliers to get it off next time. I’m going to stick with them for a bit and see how it goes.

This is a bit of a first world problem I know, but the rubber valve stems on my ‘new’ Arctic are stupidly long - protruding well beyond the rim. Perhaps there was a world shortage of short ones when the tyres were mounted.

I will try my shiny new caps maybe tomorrow, but I have a feeling they will stand out like sore thumbs:)

Good day out at Gaydon. Well done all those involved at any level. Consigned my dust caps to the bin! One fitted well, the other 3 had minimal threading. As I was not prepared to use a pair of pliers on them to try and cut threads and possibly get them to seize on, they had to go. Pity.

Never mind, I bought enough on the MX5 Parts tent to keep me busy/happy.

Now I have to work out how to fit a lockwwod mesh grille to my 2008 Niseko. I feel my Dremel will be involved!!!

regards, JohnD

Mine fitted okay .

Checked my tight one today and it seems fine now. Maybe it wasn’t quite round and screwing it on sorted it out. All good now …

If you have a problem with your valve caps, happy to replace them with another set at the NEC Classic Motorshow in November, where we will have the remainder to give away to members visiting the stand.

Mine are fine

Just fitted mine. All four good

Mine are fine.

Thank you

Mine fitted well, used a smear of copper grease on each valve thread to stop any chance of corrosion making them difficult to get off.