**RALLY OFFER** Fast Eddy's at the Rally

After the success at Sandringham last year and Brooklands earlier this year, we are venturing to Gaydon with some of our wares.

We will have some good deals on Performance parts, service parts and some secondhand parts mainly for Mk1’s

Look out for our 1.6 and 1.8 uprated head and cams kits, a great value way to more power without the hassle of forced induction.

I am talking to a couple of suppliers regarding show specials so keep an eye on this thread


Thanks Iain,

We are bringing a few service items that we are finding are needing replacement on a lot of the Mk1’s that have come in recently like CAS seals, camshaft oil seals, front upper/lower ball joint gaiters etc.

We will also have a good range of used Mk1 parts as usual. We do not normally bring large items due to the problem getting them home in your MX5’s. If you need anything like bumpers, diffs, gearboxes etc and have a way of getting them home, please call us to sort them out, or we can bring to the show for you to see, pay for and then we can courier after the show.

Hope to see everyone on Sunday