**RALLY OFFER** Tyres at the National Rally - MOT Motorsport

As per previous rallies MOT Motorsport will be providing tyre fitting at the Gaydon rally.

Given enough notice, not the night before, I can supply just about any tyre, however for everyday use on MX-5’s what I would recommend and the price is listed below. 

If you want tyres, please let me know to ensure I bring enough of the right sizes. 

£50.00 for a 185 60 14 Vredestein Sportrac5 (£200)

£46.50 for a 195 50 15 Kumho KH31 (£186)

£45.00 For 195 50 15 Hankook V12 K110 (£180)

£69.50 for 205 45 16 Kumho KU39 (£278)

£76 for 205 45 17 Kumho KU39 (£304)

That is if it is one tyre or 4 . 

I also have offers on road legal motorsport tyres, if you are interested please PM me or far better, call 0781 800 3267. 

Remember, bring your locking wheel nut key! 


Guys n
NICK DID ME A GREAT DEAL recently at Rockingham
Weshould support him where we can!!



good advice that…  


I’m sold on the £76 for 205 45 17 Kumho KU39 (£304)

PM on it’s way Nick

See you Sunday!

Really pleased I took Nick’s advice and went for the Kuhmo KU39s. Only done 100 miles on the journey home but so far they feel great. Car previously had the factory fitted Michelins. Kuhmos feel really planted to the road, loads of grip, great handling and feels smoother and less road noise too. Last five miles of the journey was my usual route home from work, it was when I hit this bit of road that the improvement really showed through.

Easy to find good tyres at a high price, finding a great budget tyre is a bit more difficult. Thanks to Nick for pointing me in the right direction. Not only that he saved me over fifty quid on the cheapest price I could find elsewhere.

Nice one Nick