Random thoughts from the rally

Call me old fashioned but; I just love the friendly, fuzzy, feel good thing at a rally where folk just park next to other folk & get chatting about random subjects over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, admiring & cooing over each other’s cars (polite people would never criticise someone else’s 5)

The weather was good, the racing was quite exciting for a small club meeting & the venue as always at Oulton was fantastic

Talking of fantastic, how about that beautiful MK4………I want one; NOW, but unless I win the lottery I don’t think my pension will allow.

Parked two cars down from us a poor unfortunate chap locked his keys in the boot of his roadster…. Panic, no worry, green flag turned up & after huge effort sorted it but in the meantime, many folk turned up to offer suggestions (good bad & daft) as is normal in a good club situation. My good lady offered water to slake their thirst but as I pointed out to them she didn’t offer any of her wine 

I wish that I had entered the slidy track thing, it looked wonderful fun.

At the end of the day I have to say that the folk who organised this event did a magnificent job under difficult circumstances & my wife & I thank them very much.

I totally agree with your sentiments, a great rally, all the cars parked up together was fantastic, met up with a lot of people and never saw any of the circuit racing because I was so busy.

The Mk4 looks great in real life even if it was pre-production, now I want too drive one, and get a garage!

The track driving was fantastic value, £45 for two hours fooling around, almost started to control the drift a little towards the end.

Great job by all the team to put such a good event together, thankfully it was the sunniest day of the year so far as well, what more could we want.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.  The handling course was a lot of fun.  


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SE Area

Well after driving 550 miles it was worth the effort, what a fab rally, thanks to all those involved in the organising we know having done a spring rally what is involved it was also one of the best weather days we have had at a spring rally so well done.

My thanks go to Nick, Anna, Paul and Jenny, Pauline and Alan, Chris and Pat , Paul and a Jane for helping put up and take down the SE Area Gazebo and banners and flags all really appreciated, it was lovely to see so many SE Area members at the rally being so far for all to travel so well done for making it and thanks for the lovely company.


it was lovely to catch up with fellow members from the club and to catch up with other AC’s from other areas. 

All in all a fab time watching the racing, the launch of the MK4 in the UK at our 21st rally was nice to see it again:)

thanks and Well done

Sarah and Martyn



today was was my first ever rally , my dirty mk2.5 is my actual 365 daily driver / school runner, 3 hours there anod3 hours back and my baby didn’t miss a beat.


total day was amazing, organisers should be given a big round of applause, weather couldn’t of been better, I’m now looking so forward to my next mx5 rally.


id like to thank everyone involved and thank everyone for being so friendly and helpful, just wish I’d seen a Tyne fees tent.



got to say I asked the wife If we can sell the house so I can order a mk4 , she said no to living in a box so I will have to keep dreaming hahaha


thanks all.



Yes a great day. After a morning being introduced to the art of drifting I really enjoyed watching the motor racing. It is a spectacularly beautiful track.


First rally or event for me too, thoroughly enjoyed it!

Massive thanks to everyone involved in organising this.


See you all at the National! :slight_smile:

New to OC, new to attending any sort of rally, new to competitions, new to posting on here too! Managed a very respectable runner up to previous 5 x winner Ian in MK1 modified so very happy guy. The whole event on the day and the run up to it has IMO been handled extremely well and must have taken an enormous amount of effort from all concerned. A big thank you to all those folk for making it a day to remember!


Great day out, enjoyed the handling circuit, thank you to all those involved in organising it. 

My first rally too - what a great day - lots of MX5s,great weather and some racing and sliding MX5s to watch!! A big thank you to Iain and his team of helpers for all their time and effort,it is appreciated - without them these events would not happen - keep up the good work!

Hi faz,


i seen seen your motor outside the hotel the morning of the rally, it’s one beautiful machine you have mate. She’s a proper beauty.



What a great day it was,cars and weather, thank you to all the organisers  . Is it possible to get results of the car competition on here or web site cheers. And this was my first rally and won’t be my last 

Once again another great rally. First time at Oulton park what a nice circuit.  As always met a lot of the members, including members new to competitions.

On the judging front there was some very nice cars.  Well done to all who entered.  I know some of you will be at the National so see you there.

Big thanks to Iain F and his team and to Ian M for keeping us judges under control.    All this and a bit of club racing as well.

The icing on the cake must have been the weather.

they cercainly did do a great job  

I think the competition results will be on the forum eventually but they will probably also be in the next STHT as usual


Yes they will be in STHT with photos.



ive seen a few people now mentioning the “national”, yesterday was my first ever car event of any sort, can anyone please tell me what is the national, where is it, when it’s on and how do you get tickets, I can confirm I now have a serious case of the mx5 gathering bug.

seeing so many in one place was totally amazing.




My [our] first MX5 event ,amazed at the number of cars ! the handling course looked fun , nice to meet nick d again [he is the man for tyres ] only knew a couple of folks but every one seemed very freindly only little moan limited trade /parts sellers Hope to to do the big one in septthanks to every one


21st National Rally, Sunday September 6th, Kelmarsh Hall, Northamptonshire.

a bit of a treck for you Michael but will be worth it, it’s always a good day out.

as a member you will get regular info in the club magazine STHT

Thank you Joe,  I’m looking forward to it, cheers for the info