Re joining member Cornwall area

Hi, I’m Geoff from Plymouth and was a member from 2012 - 2018 ; I had a 2006 red MK3 NC 2.0i with leather seats, AC, lowered suspension and RX 8 wheels.Sold that in 2018. Borrowed my brother’s Morgan for a period in 2018/19. IMG-20200723-WA0000|690x388 Post easing of Lockdown decided to get another MX5. July 20 i bought a fabulous 2015 MK4 ND 2.0L Sport Sat Nav model; 14K miles, Sand beige leather, Reflex blue with black roof. Loved my MK3 but wanted a newer model ND with all the gizmos and 6 speed box. Very pleased with the new to me MK4 which has good performance, great spec, good handling and is great to drive. ![20180405_124738|690x388](upload://t4F

Welcome back Geoff. Envious of your Mk4, looks great with that colour combo.

I know Plymouth has its own unitary authority but I’m pretty sure it’s still in Devon…

Hi Mc; glad you like the car; I was looking at some MK 3.5s & 3.75s coupe’s but really liked the look of the MK4. I was after the Soul Red MK4 but when I saw the Reflex Blue Sport Nav with the sand beige seats which is a rare combo, I liked that. A test drive made my mind up in 5 minutes. The car comes from Cornwall originally and was serviced at Vospers Truro. I bought the car from Merc PX near Exeter which is where I bought my previous MK3 in 2012.

Hi, Plymouth is in Devon but most Plymouth MX5 OC members link into the CW club as their Primary MX5 area. The SW area is located more towards Exeter so Cornwall is a better fit for most Plymouth members as trips and meetings are closer. I was with Cornwall B4. Plymouth unfortunately doesn’t seem to have enough MX5 OC members to have it’s own ‘area’ although there seems to be lots if MX5s around here.