RE:- Last years Trophys

 I was the winner of Cool 5 MK2/MK2.5 and the Rob Beckwith Memorial Trophys at last years Nationals.

I understand that the shield for Cool 5 and the Rob Beckwith memorial trophy should be returned before this years Nationals

How can I do this and to whom.

 I wouldn’t risk posting the memorial trophy for fear of damage.



 Email Peter Jakeways, he is trying to get them all gathered in!  peter.jakeways at

 Andy If you want them taking down I will be in attendance on the day

And I could pick them up from you after work one night.


just let me know




 Cheers for the offer Alan,

But we are going down ourselves.

The shield needs returning early so it can be engraved .

As for the Rob Beckwith Memorial Trophy I will take it down with me to save it getting damaged.


 I have E-mailed Peter Jakeways with regard to the shield I have, I have explained that the Shield needs to engraved with last years winners PRIOR to this years event…

I am awaiting a response.



 I have had a response from Peter today with regard to getting the shield back early for the engraving.

He has told me not to worry about it, and give the shield to somebody else to bring it on the day?

Surely this cannot be right? Every year these are engraved so we can see last years winner at the show?

Can somebody clarify?



 just to put you in the picture regarding the trophys.

I have arranged with Peter that I have the trophy engraved my self (which it has now been done) and bring them to Mallory Park on the day of the event.

In the event that I could not make it on the day for unseen circumstanses then I have other people willing  to bring them for me.

I hope to see you at Mallory please come and say hello.

Picture of Me and the car with the Rob Beckwith Memorial Trophy from last year so you know who you are looking for.

See you at Mallory






 Just to confirm, as Andy says, we had the engraving done on the shield as well as per PJ’s request.

 In 2006 and 2007 the Shields were returned and engraved prior to the event, I was always excited to see it when i saw it again on the table with my name on!


I was just going to post and ask about my trophy too. So this year we have to get it done ourselves ??
Hopefully I can get it to somewhere before the rally to get it done.

Like Jamie said, every other year we have returned them early and the club has arranged engraving prior to the rally.

I know i’m going to have to trawl through old posts, but just quickly … have the competition catagories been decided yet for this years rally ??
And also is there going to be judging, and if there is does anyone know what the criteria is going to be for each section ??

 For Ady and any one else planning on entering a competition, details in this forum announcement thread;

and as published in August STHT… [:D]

Thanks for the link Martin.

If there is a chance of my car winning a trophy I may join the club again at the rally - how do I register for the competition?


 turn up and enter on the day… simples…

 Cool, consider it done.

Could Peter Jakeways please confirm what we are to do with the shields this year ? I’m presuming you would like them back ?
I was told that apparently I should have heard something but other than this thread i’ve not heard anything.

And as much as I really do want my name engraved on the next available plaque, it is a bit cheeky if this year we’re expected to get it done ourselves.

Also Martin very kindly showed me the section regarding competitions last night in STHT. I understand that the classes will be judged.
Will the ‘Cool’ category be judged in the same way as last year ?.. I know it states the criteria, but will the judge still be knocking off each cars worst
section so that everyday runners have a chance against ‘summer cars’ ??


 Hi All

Due to lack of time and the current condition of the competition shields I had decided to get them all engraved after the event and then forward them to the winners, this also makes things easier logisticaly.

Could everyone who won a competition shield, Colin Frewer & Rob Beckwith trophy please bring them with them on the day.

Details of this years competitons can be found on…

There will be judging on each catagory, sign up is on arrival.

Peter Jakeways

National Events Coordinator


 Hi Ady

No, the scoring systems for each category have been revised. We won’t be knocking off any points, we also won’t be left with the question of “What is cool” as it is a Cool 5 competition in name only.

Cars will be judged on the quality of their modification and their over all style. There are bonus points available for unique styling and there will be no points awarded for how spotless the car is, we just ask that it be presentable.


Thanks for the reply.

So just to make it crystal clear, it’s not the ‘amount’ of modifications, but the quality and the overall look yeah ?

And also a when you say ‘unique styling’, that of course means ‘one-offs’ or items that have been modified to fit your car,
not just ‘off-the-shelf’ parts such as wheels and front grills etc etc.

 you are correct