Reading reply layout is annoying!

Why has the post layout been changed so that I know have to click on each reply to read it? Before I would click on a post and all replies would appear below the orginal post which was great. Now I ahve to click on each reply to read it. If there are lots of replies its easy to loose track of where you are.
Each reply is slow to load compared to the old method.

The other major gripe that I think others will agree on is; The old site could easily be used in a small minimised window. Most people on here seem to post during work time (when they should be working of course). But that aside most of the replies are during work time and so operating the site in a minimised window is essential. The new layout doesnt work as I cannot read the post properly in a small window.

I fear people will not post as much as they used to because the site cannot be used discretely. I for one dont have a lot of time at home to be posting on here so will not be posting anywhere near as much as I used to.

Please can this be looked at??? I enjoy the site a great deal but if I cant use it then I will have to move on which i dont want to do!


Click on ‘edit profile’ at the top right of your screen. Click on the ‘site options’ tab and in there you’ve got the option to change forum view from ‘threaded’ to ‘flat view’. Hth.

or change it “view Option”

Have you got it sorted now ?

Flat view is you friend… [:D]