Rear dampers differences NC

  1. My model of MX-5 is: NC 3.5 PRHT__
  2. I’m based near: __Belgium
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __been to our technical control (MOT…) today and received a “red” card, reason was one of the rear dampers is leaking.
    So …have to replace them (left and right as adviced) but when i was looking to purchase them i found a difference between (OEM) dampers for prht and softtop dampers, (was on the mx5 parts website), on other shops they’re only mentioning one type covering appearantly both models??? So are the eventual differences limited to the damping (more weight for the PRHT) or does it also conceren the fitment (which would make no sense at all…), and most importantly ; is it something to worry about? or can i just order the “general” dampers fitting both models?.

personally i would go with the PHTR ones.
because if you get the others and they turn out to be wrong it COULD (not saying it wil) seriously affect the handleing of the car and then you would end up having to pay out a second time to put it right!

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Do you have a Sport Tech (or similar) with Bilstein suspension etc etc
The PRHT and Soft Top suspension springs are different.(There was a recent thread on here where the garage fitted the wrong ones, realised and replaced them).
They are also different if you have 16 or 17 inch wheels, (apparently).
My shock absorber research and also MX5 Parts state that they ARE different and also different depending again whether you have 16 or 17 inch wheels.
Best advice, speak with MX5 Parts and indeed your local Mazda main dealer parts and ask the questions.
As you say, you need to get it right first time.

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Rear PRHT springs are 5mm longer than standard. Shock differences are negligable. Replacing 2 shocks is better that 1, replacing 4 shocks is better than 2 in any car.

Thx guys, it’s a bit of a silly story… went to my dealer and they pretend that there are only two types; the Bilsteins and the regulars (covering prht,softtop, 16-17 inch…) and in my eyes it makes (some) sense as the mx5 parts shocks (oem) specify 16 or 17 inch (while owners might upgrade their wheels, would they change shocks as well???) and also specify prht variants (due to the extra weight?) but no diference for the 1.8 and 2.0 variants (extra weight as well…). The sellers in Belgium also list just one type, will go for a second opinion (other dealer) tomorrow and might contact the importer.
btw; mine is a 2.0 PRHT (non Sport/Bilstein) on lowered Eibach springs.

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Confirmation from 2 Mazda dealers. In Belgium ( and many other European country’s we have 2 types of dampers; the Bilstein and the others (including,1.8, 2.0, 16 inch, 17 inch and prht’s…). When oredering i found “another” strange thing ; most shocks are not suited for 2.0 Expression variants which is a trim level for the NC1 and has a 2.0 but without the Bilstein dampers, 6-speed gearbox,why would that be? Different dampers for just a “trim”-level (as i believe the non Bilstein dampers for the 2.0 remain the same during the whole NC generation. ) Anyway oredered mine, i choose to fit the Orange Koni’s all around (4 wheels).