Reasonable courier fees

Just sent some parts by courier and used Hermes online and they picked up promptly and charged a very reasonable sum of 9.95 for a 10 to 15kg package.

Someone sent us a package through them a couple of months ago at the unit, it was 8.15am and we were not there, they just dumped it by the road side and drove off!!!

Luckily someone picked it up and brought it to us later. Same thing happened with I post parcels, early delivery, no one there so threw it over the fence!!!

Moral is you get what you pay for and that’s why we use Interlink (DPD)


That’s interesting I’m waiting for the feedback on this so fingers crossedLaughing

I’ve used them 3 times now, no problems. Also received an item via them after recommending a seller use them as an alternative to RM, who are too expensive. In all cases the receiver was at home so no problems.

I Was given a framed picture as a present when I was in Glasgow last week.
£15 for Easyjet hold baggage. Myhermes said £4 to ship it - so I went for that.
Pay online, print your own label and drop off at a nearby convenience store.
I will report as and when it arrives (nto entirely sure my family have dropped it off yet!)

Blimey that picture is taking a long while![(yy)]

Still waiting…! 

Used Hermes for a couple of years. Collect from my home and so much cheaper than Royal Mail. Out of about 200 parcels I’ve had one delayed and one missing. Paid out full compensation with no problem. Much easier to claim than with RM too. Royal Mail have lost things I’ve sent too so think they are on a par for reliability. Anything bigger than a large letter then Hermes the way to go.

Recieved my new router about a month ago from EE.

This was delivered by Hermes.

In massive bold letters it said “Attention Hermes Driver, I’m Fragile, Do Not Leave Me Outside”

Guess where they left it…  behind my wheelie bin



Also and even more alarming.


The wife ordered £1000’s worth of Euro’s, which were delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

They posted it through the letterbox without a signature.

Good job we are honest


Bought a new header/CD player for the car and they delivered on time, just a shame they had to throw it over a 7ft high side gate because I was out at the time gggrrrrrrrrr

The other club I am a member [ rhocar] of make big use of other members to transport parts and even cars from one end of the country to the other , picking up e bay purchases etc , arranging times to suit most do it for the price of fuel or even a run out to meet like wise interested people . Some times it can be a 2 /3 stage op but it works

Bought quite expensive electronic item from Amazon, was shipped by Hermes, they provided tracking info etc, all good until I found they identified it as delivered and signed for by a neighbour ??, trouble was I was in at time of the delivery (working on the car on the drive) and the signature was a spurious / false signature of someone we have never heard of and who is not a neighbour, so where is my item ?, Amazon bless them are replacing the item but again shipping by Hermes (don’t they learn !) the missing item whereabouts unknown, but matter in hands of Hermes and police, awaiting info from them as to outcome and possible compensation, concensus is item stolen by an employee ! will definitely never use Hermes for my own shipments DPD most reliable pound for pound, PH.

Further to the above Hermes “investigation” absolutely confirms someone within their system has stolen my item by forging a delivery signature, putting on a false delivery address, saying item was delivered to a neighbour who doesn’t exist and now they don’t want anything more to do with it, tell me the case is closed and tell me to now take it up with the supplier (Amazon) quite amazing, Amazon who have full facts will now pursue it on my behalf and supply another item but are bound ! by contract to use Hermes again to deliver the replacement item to me ??? anyway am going to the police in the morning with all the paperwork to see if they are interested in pursuing, will advise as it goes along, Paul H.