Receiving Text Messages via Bluetooth

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 2009 2.0 Sport Tech
  2. I’m based near: Norwich__
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Bluetooth

Hi, my Mk3.5 Sport Tech has factory fitted Bose unit with bluetooth. When I originally paired this to my old Microsoft Lumia phone, I was able to receive and listen to text messages whilst driving and, once finished, it gave me the option to reply, obviously via the voice recognition system.
I have since changed my phone to a Samsung Galaxy A20, and having successfully paired this, I can send & receive calls ok, but no longer get notifications of incoming texts whilst driving. I assumed it was the new phone’s settings / permissions, but have checked these thoroughly with no joy. So I then decided to try my old phone again with the same sim card, and still could not get text messages via bluetooth. Which leads me to believe it must be part of the Mazda bluetooth set up that I have somehow disabled when I switched to the new phone.
Does anyone know how to set this facility up? I know it probably sounds a trivial issue, but having had the facility before, its frustrating to lose it. Thanks.

First of all apologies for moaning but please be assured it is meant for the best possible interest. Any distraction to driving, be it hands free phone calls or texts is just that, an unnecessary and potentially dangerous diversion of a drivers attention.
Please think long and hard before taking or making calls/texts while on the move. As I said, I apologise for the moan but it’s for your own and other road users safety. Better to simply enjoy the MX5 experience.
Stay safe.

Thanks Ted
I appreciate the concern for road safety, and I take your point. I am certainly mindful of the potential of any of the “comforts” built into modern cars to distract the driver. Sadly I have personally known of someone a few years back who was seriously injured when distracted by simply trying to change a radio station.
As regards text messaging, then I have found it a useful feature, particularly on longer journeys to be able to listen to an incoming message, without taking my hands off the wheel or my eyes off the road. On the rare occasion that the incoming text has been important, I have then pulled over at the nearest layby or service area to respond safely.
But I take your point, and the potential for distraction and therefore danger probably outweighs the limited benefits, even if used correctly.
I must admit that I do worry about the ever increasing sophistication of the “infotainment systems”, sat navs and screen apps that all manufacturers are building into their cars these days, making driving more akin to sitting in you favourite living room armchair.
So, on reflection, I think I’ll heed your advice and simply enjoy the Mx5 experience.

Good man and appreciate you getting where I was coming from. Totally agree with you about increase in potential driver distractions, surely manufacturers should be encouraged to think hard about things such as Bluetooth etc… something I really don’t get.
Take care.

I won’t talk to anyone on the move even though hands free. My wife ( mostly with me) does the talking, if on my own I’ll stop if it’s that important, if not tell them I’ll ring back later.
Most definitely can’t talk to anyone top down if in the MX-5, missus hates that too, too noisy

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