Recently joined the MX5 club

Hi all, recently bought my first MX5 and wondering why I didn’t get one sooner.

Great car, look forward to making it my own with a few upgrades.


Where are you from bud.
Get yourself to the nat rally in the summer you’ll find loads to see and lots of ideas for ungrades.


Very nice. Like the colour. Welcome :+1:.

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Agree with K, the rally is the event of the year and it is free for members so please put it in your diary now.


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Shiny! What a beauty, welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the MX5OC from Solent Area. A very nice example of your MX-5 there👍
If you are ever in our area be sure to touch base and possibly join in on one of our drives/events.

Agree with K & Mad_Malc, the National Rally is a great event with lots to see and do😀

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Lovely colour. I’m not usually a fan of black wheels but they go very nicely with the red.

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Very nice. I also think the wheel colour compliments the bodywork nicely :+1:

It also looks lower than standard. Do you know if it’s had any suspension work done before you bought it?

Hi Karen, I live in Surrey. Yeah definitely up for the meet. Thanks for letting me know

Was stock when I bought it, after driving for a few days I noticed a little noise so took the wheel off to check. Original shocks looked a bit tired so ordered a set of meister r zeta Crd’s. Might need to raise slightly although make it over 95% of speed hump as is with no rubbing.

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Looks so right with the hood down.

Mine has the original jacked up profile; it’s a bit of a tease whether to lower it for the eye or enjoy a more comfortable ride. My standard Mk2 TT is harsher and doesn’t even out until your going fast enough .

I was a little worried about ride comfort but with the meister r zeta Crd’s being adjustable, I have set the damping at half way for now and although you may feel a few more bumps, overall the ride quality is great. Definitely would recommend.

Nice looking car although if I was to fit adjustable ride height coilovers I would need to go somewhat higher. With the bumps in the country roads in Worcestershire, my NBFL Sport grounds out occasionally even at standard ride height! By the way, have you had the corner weights checked?

Hi, not yet. only recently done the coilovers so still need to book in for alignment although driving fine. will get this done in the next few weeks.

It would be good to see a post on what you finally end up with on ride height, also what he corner weights are before and after - and can you tell the difference.

I always think my MX5 should be a bit less understeeryat normal speeds on roundabouts, after all I’m sitting on the right hand side which should put more static load on the right hand side and balance out the side-to-side loadings on cornering so that the left hand front isn’t doing quite so much. It would be interesting to see if the corner weights affect that.

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