Recommendation for a good Mazda Dealership in Nottingham/Derbyshire area?

 Hi all,

My MX5 is approaching a cam-belt change and ‘big’ service.  My local Mazda dealership is not that approachable and to be honest I don’t fancy taking it to them.

Can anyone recommend a dealer in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area?  I cherish my car and don’t want it to go to a garage that will not look after it!

Many Thanks. - new, but seems to be very pro-5! - active in the North East Mids part of the club ~


 Many Thanks for that, I will give them a ring.

I believe we get club discount at Sunwin Mazda in Loughborough.  Has anyone else used this dealer?  Any feedback? 


 As Goof says - Even though the garage is new, Steven has been working on MX5’s for about 7 years

I recommend him highly [Y]

 Sunwin Mazda are ok, I wouldnt take my car there for any service work as they are peugot as well and by no means a specialist on the 5.

The older guy in there is pretty good at finding the spares you need but you will need your chassis number or he wont have a clue.

The young lad is peugot and has no clue on mazda parts at all. Although he is quite helpful.


I have never received a discount from them.

Not so local but these guys are specialist and I can highly recommend them. Worht the drive in my opinion.

And they’re a friendly bunch of lads too!

Very helpful on my first 5 that had sticky handbrake - got me moving within a couple of minutes, and showed me what they did so I could “fix” it again until I replaced the caliper. All F.O.C. too!