Recommendation route for joyriding near Burnley, Lancashire

Hello there,

I have just purchased mx5 mk3, but with lockdown in place, there’s no meets or things to do.
Are there any good roads near Burnley just for nature views and driving experiences for myself and my gf when we get tired of being stuck in our home?


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You have some of the best roads in the country on your doorstep… just head north to Grassington, then west then south for a shortish loop. A longer day out keep going north to Kirkby Steven, Brough, Middleton, and up to Carlisle before heading south again.

Difficult to find a bad road if you stay off the motorways. Enjoy!

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Lockdown spoils this
The instruction in the new rules is: “No person may leave or be outside of the place where they are living without reasonable excuse.”

There are general exemptions for travelling to an education establishment, for caring responsibilities and for work where this cannot be done from home.

Or for outside recreation - I can drive to go fishing , perfectly lawfully. Driving for fun isn’t recreation within the meaning of the Regs but commonsense suggests the sky won’t fall in if someone simply goes for a drive.

Yes I’ve read the new lockdown rules. They can be interpreted differently.
It says only essential journeys, is taking a load of rubbish to a tip 12 miles away essential? I would think not if it can wait until after lockdown, well yes you can, it’s in the rules. My tip is 12 miles away, it was heaving yesterday at 9.30am.

I can travel to open spaces for exercise, it doesn’t say how far but I suppose stay local is the key, but how fars local, from my house on foot, in South Derbyshire where I live?
The NT are still welcoming visitors, positively telling you to still enjoy their parklands, my local one is around 10 miles away, I’ll go but I won’t travel to any out of the county.

I take a pragmatic view - we all know that what spreads the virus is exposure to other people . The longer the exposure, the higher the number of people and the more confined the space , the greater the risk . If you avoid those scenarios your risk is eliminated , or hugely reduced .

The virus hasn’t read the Regs , nor does it know if you are driving to Tescos , the tip , to a park or just for fun .

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The thing is how can it spread to others if you never leave the vehicle, in the woods, going 60mph.

Also, if I leave from the work (key worker), take a long country side road back home, it would still be alright wouldn’t it.

Try a run up to Clitheroe and then onto the Forest of Bowland…some lovely country especially if you go over Pendle Hill…

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Put some walking boots in the car, you can claim that you’re going to climb Pen Y Ghent for exercise

Because you might need to stop for fuel, or to go to the toilet, or you might break down, or you might be involved in an RTA, or…


I read somewhere earlier today that if you are driving for a non-permitted reason it may invalidate your insurance? The article suggested contacting one’s insurance company if in doubt about a planned journey.

That sounds like a load of piffle.

Does anyone know of someone who has been stopped and prosecuted for driving on a non essential journey?
I travelled from East Yorkshire to Stoke on Trent and back last Tuesday before the lockdown and did not see any police vehicles on the whole journey…so who is going to stop and check your journey.

ANPR looking for out of area numberplates

OHH and yes i know somebody whos been stopped

Come on guys lets all break the rules a little it wont matter Thats why were in the shite

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Go beyond Clitheroe & head out to the trough of bowl and heading for Lancaster. You will not be disappointed!

Plenty of covid there

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I read the following in the Daily Telegraph Money section on Saturday 14 November:-
“Motorists who use their car for non-essential trips during the second lockdown will not invalidate their insurance despite conflicting reports.
Drivers who commute by car in order to avoid public transport are now also covered, even if they haven’t told their insurer.
Using your vehicle to deliver goods as part of your work is not covered. However, if you are using your car to help people affected by Covid, for example delivering medical supplies or groceries, you won’t need to update your insurance to remain covered”.
Being retired I just insure my cars for SD&P as one clearly pays extra to cover the risks of commuting at peak times. However, the above suggests that insurance companies are waiving this at the moment. Mind you, given the reduced amount of traffic on the roads and a consequent fall in the number of claims, they are “coining it” - very few have offered rebates in view of the much lower annual mileage their customers are doing.

Agree - awesome breathtaking scenery and a great drive!
Whenever my wife and I are exploring the byways of Lancashire and Yorkshire in our MX-5 top down smelling the fresh air - and the farm smells - I usually comment “it’s grim up north isn’t it!”
There is a vast area of beautiful countryside - the Ribble Valley and Yorkshire Dales to name just two - to the north of the Lancashire and West Yorkshire conurbations.
We avoid motorways where we can - the MX-5 is made for country roads!
P.S. I am 74 and on my second MX-5 having bought my first one at 67.

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