Recommendations for a good garage in Cornwall

Hi all,


I’m wondering if some of you folk could help me out? I have a mk2.5 sport which I have had for coming up to 2 years now and it still puts a massive grin on my face

She is coming up to her MOT soon and the usual friend of the family who I’d usually ask to put her through has said that he’s too busy!


I’ve noticed over the past month or so a couple of things that are leading me to think that this may be a little more than a straight through job…

  1. There is a rattling around the back wheels - I’ve asked around and the general consensus is that the rear brake calipers may need replacing.

  2. I also keep on hearing a (faint) chirping around the clutch/gearbox and some heat coming through the gearstick… my fear is that a bearing has gone and so she may need the clutch replacing as well!


Can anybody recommend a decent garage in Cornwall (preferably mid but I can travel) to firstly put her through the MOT and carry out any work that needs doing?


Cheers in advance!






Collins of Probus!!

They are THE BEST people to look after your precious MX…

These are second generation MX-5 lovers/experts who will treat you with amazing honesty and respect and can be 1000% trusted.  They also run an annual Tech Day for OC members as well as discounts for same…I wouldn’t go anywhere else!  We travelled from Torpoint with ours just to ensure peace of mind.

Good luck!