Recommendations for Body Repair in Stirling area

Hi, I’ve just joined the world of MX-5. Both rear wings, on my NC, have rust on them so I’m looking for any recommendations where to get the work done in Stirling area. TIA

Hopefully someone will give you a steer closer to home, a bit further up in furryboots land then Barry Cooper in Fordoun will do a good job, at a price though (YGWYPF).


Not Stirling… but might be close enough… Preserve and Protect which is in Johnstone near Glasgow is really good for body work. We had our NA in there the other week. Got the two rear arches sorted as well as the rear of the driver side sill. Our regular mechanic seen it afterwards and was so impressed with the quality of the work that they wanted details of them themselves. Mark (who runs the place) has had MX5s in the past and knows them well. He is also really passionate about cars more generally so I reckon a good pair of hands to trust. Cheers, Sean


Foz’s did a good job of the bubbling sills on my liquid yellow r26, in Clackmannan (Kennet)

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Try Charles Carmichael Back O Hill industrial estate. There’s also Doune Motors who I’ve heard some good reports. They’re on the left as you approach Doune from the South before you go over the bridge.

Hi, I went to Charles Carmichael and was quoted £1500 with the car in the garage for 3 weeks. He’s maybe good but can’t afford that and can’t afford not to have the car for 3 weeks. I’ll try Doune Motors, thanks

If you don’t have any luck with them… you could try this chap - Derek (07774095720).

He was recommended to us for welding work. In the end we didn’t take the car to him because he already had a job on.

Apparently his work is excellent.

He is Glasgow based.

Carmichael’s is one of the best around but their prices reflect that