Recommendations for buying Track Day insurance

I’m dipping my toe in the water at Silverstone Japfest and getting out on track for a quick blast (but as a novice possibly not as quick as many of you!) and am looking for my first track day insurance for my MK4 ND.

Although details are sketchy at best, I’m guessing we won’t be on track for very long.
The safety briefing is at 10am and we’re on track at 11am. Due to this being an event rather than a full-on track day, I’m guessing we won’t have a long slot probably max 30mins maybe a little more.
I’ve already got a quote from REIS as they’re the sister company to Lancaster who currently provide my regular car insurance. Rather than becoming buried inside a stale thread on the forum, I thought I’d start a new topic and ask for your advice on getting my first track day insurance quote/policy. Especially things to watch out for in the small print or to ensure are included.

although i don’t have an answer to your question I will try to explain what to expect from a trackday. Its a generally safer environment than driving on roads. this is primarily because the road surface is excellent and everyone is going the same direction (most of the time) and at places like silverstone there is not much to hit and are plenty of runaway areas. A trackday is not a race - actually you are not allowed to overtake under braking or on a bend. Generally speaking you wont see di$ks on a trackday and everyone is respectful of each other. If there are di$cks out there not following the rules they will be black flagged and send out

Just keep your distance from the car in front and do not go all out on the first laps. The first lap would be your sighting lap so just keep a decent pace and do not go crazy. Learn your way around the track warm up the tyres for at least a lap before trying going quicker. Do not try to outpace your abilities and just keep the car in your confidence zone. Just keep on the right (because you overtake on the left on most circuits) and you will be fine.

Generally speaking you are right to say that your car insurance wont likely cover you. the rule of thumb is that you are responsible for your own vehicle and if someone else crash on you well… its going to be an interesting discussion. This is a risks you need to be aware if you go on a trackday however I have to say if you approach it sensibly 99% you will be absolutely fine

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Please feel free to give us a try for track day insurance if you wish,

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