Recommendations for DIY ceramic coating wheels

Has any one used a DIY ceramic coating kit on their alloys?

Just thinking it may be wise to put some on my new alloys before putting tyres on them.

Had an independent detailer ceramic coat the whole car and he did the wheels with Gtechniq and they have been easy to clean etc. You can buy and apply as DIY.

I’ve used Gtechniq C5 also £22 a bottle which will do at least 8 wheels front and back.

It looks expensive but really does seem to work well making future cleaning so much easier

Gyeon Rim also has good reviews. I have used Gyeon Cancoat which is for bodywork that I used on wheels on another one of my cars and that makes them easier to clean as well.

It’s a bit of a double edged sword this one. Undoubtedly it makes the wheels easier to clean & maybe even not get so dirty in the first place. But, there will come a day not so far off that you will have to use a wheel cleaner so that will just take it all off again.

Thanks all for the feedback. I will have a think on about which coating to use as they all seem to say they do the same thing but have wildly different price points!

I might start with one of the DIY options and if it does’t work/last well hand off to a pro and get them done with a more permanent coating .

I agree and disagree.
The ceramic coating is a physical layer and even cleaners like fallout cleaner, tar cleaner the ones that go red/pink when they come in to contact with tar, even those will not wash away ceramic coatings.

I mean they probably do weaken the coating but they are not able to completely wash it away.

Having the ceramic coating on the paint should mean you can use the less harsh cleaners and still get great results. It’s only when the paint is contaminated so badly that you should be compounding it etc

Something like TFR cleaner will strip ceramic coatings but then that stuff is caustic and brutal. Compounds would remove ceramic coatings but that’s to be expected.

It’s more than likely that if you apply a ceramic coating to your wheels then you are not going to be a person who lets their wheels get that bad that they have to apply an acidic type wheel cleaner. As mentioned above I used A DIY body ceramic on my wheels and I just apply a citrus APC (safe on ceramics) to the wheels jet wash them and give them a wipe over with a merino wool wheel mitt and bodywork shampoo and they come up looking great.

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Agreed. Having just spent £££ on nice wheels the last thin I want is for them to go manky and have the lacquer lifting off in short order (apparently mine are “dyed” in the factory to get the special bronze/black finish and then lacquered over).

The picture doesn’t do justice to the colour but I want to keep them “as new” for as long as possible.

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