Recommendations for professional rust proofing

I’m getting a 98 mk2 1.8 S in the next couple of weeks. The car is generally in good condition having covered 50K and having had the sills done and the wheels refurbished.

Not long after I get it I’m intending to have it undersealed. What garage would folks recommend? I’m based in Kent so I’m aware of MX5restorer and DrMX5.

Is there a general consensus whether one is better than the other for rust prevention services?

Also MX5restorer offers 2 packages, the more expensive one covering suspension arms and subframes. But it’s £120 more. Are these areas that tend to corrode badly?

I’m aware sills and front chassis rails are the main areas to get protected. The cheaper option at MX5restorer covers both of these.

 Any additional advice on this topic is greatly appreciated.

I had my NA fully rust proofed by Garath and the team at MX5 Restorer and highly recommend them.  I cant compare to anyone else, but the team will really look after you, and discuss with you which of the two options would work better for you. As mine is a daily driver, including over the winter, I went for the full package, just to be on the safe side. What I do know is that they use Dinitrol and Bilt Hamber products over Waxoyl, which I believe is what DoctorMX5 use. It all works, but Waxoyl is (in my opinion of course) a little older in technology terms. I’m sure others will have their opinion/views on which works best .

What you do need to look for though is the preparation stage. The car really needs to be properly dried out before application, and my car was in for a week to allow this to happen. I’d recommend speaking to both and then making your decision.