Recommended garages near Abingdon

Hi all,

For the last few years I’ve been going to the Johnsons Mazda garage in Oxford, mainly out of convenience as it’s on the way to work. My MOT is due, and I know I’ll likely need all the coil springs and shock absorbers replaced which Mazda Oxford quoted me about £2k last time they services the car.

I live near Abingdon - any recommendations for garages that do a good job on MX5s and that will charge me less? I’m pretty sure this work can be done for almost half the price, judging by the cost of the parts involved.



That seems an awful lot of work just to get through an MOT, did they pick it up on your last service or did it fail on those items ? I have a Tiguan as my daily driver and use a VW dealer for all work on the car, however, when I bought my Kuro edition MX5, a 62 plate, the previous owner had used a non Mazda dealer on a couple of occasions. So the chain was broken.

I took the car to a local garage at Abingdon I have used for many years with various other cars. It is Martin Gilbert at Radley Rd Industrial Estate 01235 553055. They are very good and a bit cheaper than Johnson’s would be. Richard Gilbert owns the business but Craig does most of the front desk work. I suggest you take the car in and ask them to do a pre MOT check, don’t mention what Johnson’s have said and see what they come up with. Unless of course you are sure those items need doing.

Cheers for the recommendation Dennis - I’ll give Richard Gilbert a ring.

It’ work Johnsons said would need doing within the next 12 months when I last had the car serviced - that was about 12 months ago! So its possible it won’t need doing to pass the MOT itself but it’'ll need doing soon regardless. 

Did you find a good garage in or near Abingdon for your car?