Recommended short aerial?

Can anyone please recommend a short/stubby aerial for my ND? I bought the one linked below but it’s useless. It only keeps tune for about 15-20 seconds at a time.


I bought a stubby from Moss Europe, perfect fit and great reception in my area of north west, hope this helps

If you live in an area with excellent DAB and FM signals as I do then “The Stubby” mentioned above is great and I have one on my ND SE-L.  If however you live in an area with patchy reception I would suggest you stick with the OE aerial has it has more signal “pulling power”.

Thanks. I’ve ordered a Stubby and will see how I get on!

my stubby also came from Moss.
I’ve not had any issues with it.
Maybe you need to check if you’ve got any debris in the bottom of the screw fitting.

Can someone put up link for stubby moss aerial