Red Bull demo run Belfast

Red Bull will be doing a showrun through Belfast Saturday 3rd of Noveember @ 8pm, there was a huge crowd the last time they done this so if your wanting to go recommend getting there early to get a good spot.

Curious - Is that Red Bull (F1) racing or some other Red Bull activity?

Yes, F1 car through the streets of Belfast, they done it a few years ago and the noise was incredible as it echoed of the surrounding buildings.

Defo have to go see that…

What a great night out in Belfast at the Red Bull Demo run, got a great spot to watch from and the noise from the RB8 echoing of the surrounding buildings was just amazing, Ryan Farquar and Jeremy McWilliams on the super bikes also put on a great show matching the F1 car for noise and speed. Event attracted a huge crowd and it’s nice to see events like this in Northern Ireland.

Disclaimer, not my pic, from Red Bulls Facebook page.