Registration for sale

Having recently changed my personalised registration, I now have MX05 COL for sale. V778 (retention doc) is in my possession, which is valid until 2028. I am willing to sell this at a special club member price of £750 even having been offered more through national car number plate bodies. I’d prefer a real enthusiast to have it!   

Have the national number plate sellers offered you more cash for this number or have they suggested an asking price on their offerings page that is greater?

It has been quite a while since I sold a cherished reg. but had one listed for months with a national seller(elite) at around £800. Out of the blue they contacted me and offered £250 cash for it for their own stock. I declined and was about to remove the listing and list elsewhere but during this process it sold for the asking price - strange that innit?     

I would have thought £750 was a bit high to be honest.
The DVLA website lists loads of MX05 plates for £250.
I’ve never got the personalised reg bit myself but each to their own.
Good luck with your sale.

It is the COL bit that will raise the price. Any obvious name registrations always cost more. I have COL registration on one of my cars and it cost a bit more than £750. 

Now looking for a JAN plate so I can have my COL back and they are normally more than the standard £250.




If you’ve been offered over £750 for it personally I’d take it, I’ve just looked on the DVLA site and currently MX55 COL is available for £599, so over £750 is a great price.

My God if they are offering you £750.00 I wonder what mine is worth on the open market…

Personally I would bite the arm of the person that offered you that and give them I big hug…


Hi there is this reg plate still for sale ?