remap for 2010 2.0i sport

Any body had an ecu remap on a 2010 2.0i
Is it worth the money? What difference does make? I have fitted a decat manifold with a sports cat mid section and jettex backbox. It revs out a lot better now but is quite noisy. Thanks Vince

I guess it depends where you are and where your prepared to travel to. The are a number of NC that have been modified over on mx5nutz and the suggestion is your car with those mods and an ECU remap should be producing around 180bhp.


Hi Vince,

I had both my mk3 and mk3.5 remap and is well worth it. Even more after an exhaust change as you did (well, it depends on which manifold, mid pipe, backbox you use).

The graph below shows the difference the ECU remap makes after a decat manifold is fitted (to my previous mk3). The manifold and the remap was done by BBR. The blue line is the dyno run with the manifold fitted. The green line is the dyno run with the manifold and ECU remap (so pretty much your scenario):


You can see that in this case you get more midrange-top torque and around 8hp. But, you also get an engine that runs better and improved drivability. The OEM ECU calibration runs a bit rich. Plus it has other restrictions due to emissions and other regulations. It is well worth, if done correctly, and it improves the car. I highly recommend Neil @ BBR, he really knows how to tune these engines or Paul Roddison (, which I heard good things about. 


Now if you want another option, and you like DIY stuff, you should check these guys: They are pretty new in the market and even if they are US based, I’m sure they’ll like to get some costumers outside US. And in the long run it might end up cheaper than a simple EcuTek based remap. There are quite a few discussion on the about this new solution, if you’re interested. 


Hope this helps. And let us know what you end up with.




Had the remp done. Big thanks to Nick at Skuzzle Motorsport near Winchester. Full rolling road set up, not just a generic remap as others were offering for round about the same money. Before the remap the car was making 149BHP at the wheels (approx 177BHP at the flywheel). After the remap the car is making 157BHP at the wheels (approx 186BHP at the flywheel). Increased power and torque throughout the rev range. The mods are a panel air filter in the original airbox, de-cat manifold, new mid section with preformance cat and straight through box and Jettex back box (stainless steel all the way through). Total cost approx £1300. Car revs a lot freeer and pulls all the way up to the red line.

Fitting the de-cat manifold is a pig. Took me about 2 days working off of wheel ramps and axel stands. You need a decent selection of spanners and sockets as well. The car is a bit louder than I would like but there is no room for anymore silencer boxes. Externally the noise as far as pedestrians are concerned is not too bad and is not overly excessive in the car. You know the exhaust has been changed though! There wasn’t a silencer box in the new mid pipe I bought. The performance cat sits where the silencer box should be near the rear of the mid pipe. I added a silence box I had custom made to the front of the mid pipe where the 2nd cat sits in the original pipework to try and quiten the exhaust down. There is not a lot of room but It helps. I originally wasn’t intending to change the standard back box but the Mazda one was very raspy and loud at certain revs. I didn’t like the noise it made (tone and volume) and was trying to quieten things down.

A set up with less noise may be to go for the performance cat in the manifold, that way you can run a bigger straight through silencer in the rear of the mid pipe.

I would post the power graph but cant work out how!!