Remapping and geometry set-up in Northern Ireland

Hi guys n gals, I’m a newbie both to this forum and the world of MX-5s, based in Bangor NI. Got myself a 2011 2.0 Kendo last May and have been looking at a few options for it.

Can’t find anything specific in the Northern Ireland forum relating to remapping and wondered if anybody in NI had got it carried out? I was looking at two companies - Autotune NI and Torquetronix - both Ballymena direction. Just wondering if anybody had experience or recommendations?

Also on the to-do list is fast-road set-up geometry. The car had Landsail tyres, 2 of which were ready for replacing (which I swapped off for Khumo PS-71s after reading good things). In the next few months I’ll be ready for another two, at which point I want to get the fast-road set-up. Again, just wondering if anyone has experience with this and if there are any recommendations, both for a good company to carry it out, and also what kind of settings I’d be looking for great grip predictable road use. 

Thanks in advance chaps!

What’s a fast road set-up ? 

I’ve seen peeps in the UK taking their MX-5s for adjustment (quite often listed as WiM fast road) where the toe, camber and caster are adjusted to improve handling. I’m not by any means a racer, but i’d like the car to handle as well as it can.

Street Racer in Bangor will do a proper fast-road set-up on your mk3.

Thanks for the info and apologies for the delay responding - was away on my hols. I’ll check Street Racer out then!