Remote locking

The remote locking on the drivers side of my 20th anniversary edition mk3 has recently stopped working - the passenger side still works. I would appreciate any advice on how to resolve this issue please - I have looked in the handbook but can see no obvious solutio.

The usual and most common cause of this problem is the door actuator.

Do a search - you will find previous threads on this very issue. Replacement of the actuator will be the way forward. 

These can be pricey from the dealer, I picked one up from eBay for £25 delivered, secondhand of course. It’s been on the car 2 years and working fine. It’s a risk buying SH parts who knows if it will fail.  They are a bit like hens teeth now finding SH units and they seem to want more for them now.  One for sale on said site but NS for £20 odd and another OS for £70, that’s all I could find. Maybe it’s a dealer order, for what they want SH.