Remove chrome ring on gear knob

So now I have a new toy, and i’ll be tinkering for months to come.

A nice little mid week (after work) job will be for me to remove the ring scratches from the chrome ring around the gear knob.

I’m at work at the mo, and being lazy, so how does the gear knob come off, and can the chrome ring be removed so i can polish it ??

Gear knob just screws off anti clockwise. :slight_smile:

If it’s the Leather type with a Silver ring around the plastic centre “H”. You need to prise the Plastic centre out Carefully!, I found that by immersing the Gear Knob in HOT water for 10 minutes helped soften the glue… Once the centre is out, there is then a screw and the silver ring lifts off with a bit of persuasion.

The only issue is that its not aluminium.  So it can’t be polished. I took mine off, rubbed it down and painted it. 2 coats of silver (Or whatever colour you fancy) followed by clear lacquer.

I stuck the centre back in with double sided tape.




Thanks for the heads up, if it’s not aluminium, i’ll not bother trying.

I’ll live with it.