Removing bitumen from brickwork

Having survived cutting through asbestos artex (or maybe it never had it), I am wondering about another step in the replacement conservatory project. The old lean-to Wickes-type timer conservatory has now gone, leaving behind a strip of bitumen where the flashing had been. The replacement conservatory will be a gable end shape, and most of the bitumen will end up behind the new structure and its flashing, or under plaster.

Reading around, it seems solvents aren’t a good idea, as it’ll cause the bitumen to sink more into the brick.

At low temperatures, it seems it will just chip off. Has anyone heard of those plumbers freezing sprays being used, as I can’t depend on the UK weather getting truely freezer-like?

If you have access to a compressor you could consider a descaling tool (i’m no expert).

You could always search ‘Tool station’ for ‘pipe freeze’.

Again i am not an expert.

Again, no expert, but you remove bitumen based sound proofing from metal by freezing with dry ice and it chips off. I would try one of the freeze sprays above, and if that shows promise then look at something more industrial.

A stripping agent like