Removing NC manual hard top - HELP!

  1. My model of MX-5 is: 07 NC Icon
  2. I’m based near: Batley
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Manual hard top removal

Bought my hard top from Ebay and when I collected it, the vendor fitted it to my car with his dad while I was fitting the standard parts to his car after swapping fitting kit parts. Now I’ve come to remove it, despite undoing everything as per the handbook, I can’t even move it!

My NB had hinged plates over the Frankenstein bolts but the NC’s are different and the instructions are to push DOWN on them and slide the roof back and off - there’s no play in them and even with all latches etc undone, the roof is solid as a rock. Is there a technique to this that I’m missing? HELP! :cry:

Besides the two inside pull down clasps (next to the seat belts) and the front centre clasp (same as fold down roof), it’s likely just very stiff on the Frankenstein bolts. Just remember to undo the heated window on the hard top if it was connected. Always takes me two people to remove.

You’re round the corner from me, if you haven’t done it yet pop in, we’ll sort it out.

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Thanks Martin, that would be lovely and I’ve been thinking of making to take a trip to your place!

I can drop by tomorrow afternoon if that’s OK - what time is good for you?

Tomorrow aft is fine, PM me for directions and let me know an exact time so i’m not out or anything. Today is ok too, even early evening as i’m having to work some long hours atm.

Thanks, I’ve got to wait on a delivery in the morning so shall we say 1 pm?

I’ll PM you now for directions