Rendezvous point for National


We in the South West region are looking for a rendezvous point for probably 6-8 cars to meet prior to arriving at Sandringham on the Sunday, hopefully on the A10 or A149 around the Kings Lynn area.

We would be very grateful if anyone who knows the area could suggest a place.

Many thanks in anticipation


There is a new Sainsburys just off the Hardwick Roundabout (A10/A47/A149 Junction) as you come into Kings Lynn.

The address is Scania Way, PE30 4LR. Their car park should be fairly empty on a Sunday morning - it doesn’t open 'til 10.00am.

Alternatively you could try the Knights Hill Hotel car park at the A149/A148 junction but that’s likely to be fairly full.

So you did you guys meet up ok?


Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the Rally