Renew with Churchill or look for agreed value policy?

Sorry if this is a frequent topic, but I can’t find anything recent on the subject. Just had renewal docs through from Churchill and the price has gone down nearly 20% which is great, but I was planning to look for an agreed value policy this year.

Any recent recommendations for agreed value cover on 2008 NC1?


Steve, I’ve never had a insurance policy go down, what happen to cause this?

What is an agreed value policy, I have an idea, but thought I’d ask?

OP, have you rang Churchill and asked if they’ll do what you want ?

I am with Admiral on an agreed value policy on my Eunos and they have been competitive as part of a Multicover House/2 car policy.

In my experience, agreed values are only available on “classic policies” which don’t accrue NCB…

Mine has a standard NCB on the Admiral policy, nor is it a “classic” type of policy. I filled in a form, attached photos of everything and it went to their engineer, with a £10 fee. It has a 9 year NCB (max) and is also protected.

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Another vote for the admiral agreed value policy. Had my eunos insured like this for the past 5 years. They try to put the price up every year but a quick phone sees it come down again. Mines been hovering around £110 each year fully comp.

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Thanks all, going to check out Admiral when I have a moment. Most of the “specialists” seem to have upset various members of the club over the past couple of years…

Interesting- Admiral has repeatedly told me they don’t do “agreed value” polices.

Please feel free to give us a try for agreed value insurance if you wish. We can offer a fixed agreed value on pretty much any car as long as it is over 12 month old.

Did I miss whether or not my question was answered ?

Not impressed with churchill at all today. I struggled to make then understand what a multicar policy was ! - even then they tried to use my NCB on my main car on my 2nd car (Mx5) - muppets !