renewing battery

think its time to replace battery,still a bit sluggish starting on cold mornings even after smart charge previous day.but which one?looking at yuasa 053 but ad says calcium

info on this suggests smart charger will not recover battery if flat,any advice appreciated thanks

I have the Yuasa can’t remember the code/type of my battery apart from it’s the 5000 series.

Don’t think you’ll recover yours with a smart type charger, this cold weather catches out old batteries. My original lasted 8 years, my daiy driver just had it’s battery replaced at  4 1/2 years, again I had a Yuasa fitted.

Mine went flat the other week from lack of use of the car, wouldn’t start the car.measured 100cca 12.4 volts this was a Yuasa…bought a new one but put the old one on charge came back to 380cca swapped them back over got a refund on the new one and all been good since.

Both of my smart chargers (Optimate / Accumate) have successfully resurrected completlely dead batteries,