Replace hood on my niseko 2008

My mk 3 08 plate niseko has a brown roof that hasa couple of marks
I’m considering replacing it and can get a hood from mx5 parts (475) but wondering if anyone has replaced the hood themselves? Is this a job to even attempt or is it too difficult. I found one video on YouTube of taking the hood material off… but nothing about a refit! Taking off did not look too bad.
Anyone good to fit a hood in the North East… Newcastle or surrounding areas.
The hood doesn’t leak so I’m in no rush… any help or advice would be appreciated

Have you tried giving the hood a good stiff scrubbing with a stiff brush and soapy water.
And i mean STIFF.
I have just spent an hour or so on one of my cars with loads of soapy water and a stiff brush and it’s brought the nap and colour up a treat, i doubt very much the previous owner had ever cleaned or water proofed the hood. (16yr old car and roof).
Tomorrow it will be getting a good coat of Renovo proofer.
Might be worth a try and cheaper than a new lid.


I’ve just reproofed mine, 7am and neighbours think i’m a nutter, allowed it to air dry in the shade and it honestly looks brand new.
A 16yr old roof.


I have proofed it but a previous owner has had a couple of tabs glued on the underside … they show through… so thinking what else I can do

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Nope that is the way Mazda had them made

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Well i would give it a good scrubbing and then get to your local market and find one of those stalls that sells buttons, bows and colour fast fabric dye, explain to the seller what you want to do with it and how much it should be diluted.
I would then apply it to the whole roof with a small sponge or brush and allow it to dry before reproofing.
That’s the way I’d go, good luck.

You can get proper hood dye kits to recolour it.

Have the same problem with my niseko, someone before power washed it so lots of swirl marks, scrubbed and reproof Ed it with auto glym kit, and came up a treat. Have heard horror stories about having to strip out all rear boot panels and behind the seats,to get to the rails for the roof.

Takes 10-20 mins to strip out the panels behind the seats, hardly a horror story!