replacement airfilter


Any advice or preference on replacement air filter elements

Do I go for K&N or Pipercross or stick with standard filter

I am only looking to replace the element . Any pros and cons welcome

I drive a 2008 mk 3. 1,8



I’ve just replaced mine with a standard element, it doesn’t seem worth the bother of forking out more for a non-standard one. If you are worried about airflow/clogging etcjust replace it more often than schedule.

A new filter always makes the car “feel” better - in my case it helped, I suspect, due to the presence of a couple of complete leaves in the air filter box, which probably got “sucked up” against the filter when the engine was running!

Just replaced mine with a Pipercross filter. Can’t really feel any difference so far, but looking at it from a cost perspective, a genuine filter costs about £15, I paid just over double that with the club discount and free postage offer from the Pipercross Shop which should last forever, with cleaning.