Replacement speakers that fit the original screw holes?


Hi All,
I have a 1991 which still has the original door speakers. The speaker cones are breaking up around the edges and don’t sound too good and so I’d like to replace them. Is it possible to buy a direct replacement that has the screw holes in the same place as the originals? I’d like to drop in a direct replacement rather than have to drill additional holes to fit aftermarket ones.
Any help greatly appreciated
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MX5 Parts do some JVC speakers. I have fitted the Mk2 models and are good. Only problem is that the electrical tabs are different sizes so I had to change plug on the loom.
Mk1 may have correct tabs.

Thanks, I looked at the ones on the MX5parts website and I noticed people commenting that it was necessary to drill holes to fit them on a mark 1. This may not be the case with the mark 2. What I’m looking for is a replacement speaker that uses the original mounting holes.

Anyone have any suggestions please?

I doubt that they will fit, but if they do then I think I still have a set of MK3 ones if you can use them.


Hi All,
Thanks for the comments.
I thought I’d post this in case it was helpful to anyone. I had been trying to find some replacement speakers for my 1991, which still had the original speakers. These had deteriorated and didn’t sound great. 
I was keen to find a replacement that didn’t require the doors to be drilled as I wanted to re-use the original  mounting holes. I’d read on the MX5 parts website that their replacement JVC speakers were slightly over-side and the door needed to be drilled so I thought I’d try my local Mazda dealer. They quoted me around £60 per speaker which is more than I was prepared to spend, and so in the end I bought a set of JBL GT7 6.5 inch speakers via eBay for £24.99. 
Two of the three locating holes lined up perfectly, but they third hole in the speaker frame was very slightly off so I drilled an additional hole in the speaker frame. Having done this, they fitted perfectly and sound really good. 

I still have a couple of Mk1/2 Genuine Mazda Soundboards available, fits between roll loops.