Reproof then rain

Decided as blue sky and no rain expected to clean and reproof roof using autoglym… all done great… then sudden downpour less than an hour post doing so… now what do I need to reproof it? New owner, advice needed???

Not if it was dry.:+1:

I use Fabsil and that only takes minutes to dry in the summer.

Sadly don’t think it was fully dry!

Let it dry then sprinkle some water over it, if it beads job done.
For good measure you can always go over it again if in doubt.
The Fabsil I’ve got around 3 applications out of one can👍


Depends on the chemistry of the proofer. I know Fabsil, even though it looks dry, will run and make a horrific mess if it rains shortly after application - that’s silicone based.

As Mike said, test it with a watering can and see if it’s beading well, if it is you got away with it :slight_smile:

Thanks I went out later on and reproofed it, now it is beading beautifully! Appreciate all your help x